RDAbbott is a materials science, engineering, and distribution company that’s devoted to the advancement of rubber technologies and connecting its customers to the best products and services. It’s what we like to call applied curiosity.

The way we see it, curiosity is at the root of nearly every business decision and strategic action we take at RDAbbott. It’s how we approach every technical inquiry, every sales opportunity, and it’s modeled in our genuine desire to serve our customers efficiently and effectively.

We want to help our customers discover the best formulations to meet some of their hardest design challenges and it takes a full measure of curiosity to explore creative and relevant solutions for such diverse applications.

With a team of rubber experts devoted to the advancement and improvement of elastomers, the applications of our curiosity have seemingly endless limits.

We are:
  • Staffed with rubber experts at every level,
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art, US-based laboratory and manufacturing facilities, and
  • Stocked with premium elastomer products in warehouses throughout North America.
We offer:
  • Technical representation and distribution services,
  • Research and laboratory services,
  • Process engineering,
  • Training and education, and
  • Custom elastomer solutions—using new technologies and materials from our industry-leading supplier partners.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build and maintain the best team in the rubber industry by putting people ahead of profit.

At RDAbbott we are dedicated to positioning our prime and most valued resource—our people—to passionately support the rubber industry, our customers and our supplier partners. The people of RDAbbott will continue to set the standard for the rubber industry in customer experience, operational excellence, technical service, and innovation.

Corporate Purpose

Our purpose is to be the leader at anticipating needs and providing valued solutions for the North American rubber industry through unmatched technical expertise, operational excellence, long-term customer relationships and strategic alignment to our supplier-partners. We are committed to corporate stewardship, to our community and to our employees. We strive to provide a continuous learning environment and to foster personal growth and self-fulfillment, as we honor our long company tradition of honesty, integrity, and humility.

Core Practices

  • Great customer service
  • Comprehensive lab facilities
  • Knowledgeable rubber industry veterans
  • Convenient and flexible business systems
  • Industry leading products and brands

Core Values

RDAbbott is a results oriented company, but we always put people and the service of others first.  We operate for long-term partnerships, not short-term profits.

We're here to help.

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