Chemlok® 3Stream LSR Adhesion Additive from Parker LORD

Parker LORD Patent Pending Technology: LSR Self-Bonding Additive

Chemlok® 3Stream (3S) from Parker LORD is an adhesion promoting additive for LSR, or liquid silicone rubber additive, that can impart self-bonding properties to non-self-bonding LSR.

Incorporate Chemlok® 3S additive into your injection molding process via a standard third-stream pump, similar to a colorant, and alleviate the labor and volatile solvents associated with traditional primer/adhesive applications.

The scientists at Parker LORD have gone through extensive testing to achieve excellent bonding performance. Chemlok® 3S has proven LSR primer-less adhesion to thermoplastics and metals, including: PA, PBT, aluminum, steel, nickel and many more.

Chemlok® 3S adhesion additive was designed to be used with regular and readily available LSRs, such as the following industry leading and high performing Dow silicones available from RDAbbott:

How to Make Regular LSR Self-Bonding

Chemlok® 3S can be added to your existing injection molding process at levels as low as 0.5 wt% in LSR, to generate self-bonding properties, without giving up the quality or performance of the LSR physical properties.

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent bonding performance
  • Easy to incorporate in standard injection molding processes
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Cost savings in materials, manufacturing, and labor
  • Time savings in manufacturing and reduced lead times
  • Can be used for many industries and applications
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