Chemlok® Cold-Bond Adhesives from Parker Lord

Parker Lord has been known for its vulcanizing adhesives (hot bonders) for decades. Now they are offering a new, one-part system cold-bonding (CB) adhesive that is easier and safer to use than existing alternatives.

Existing CB adhesives, for bonding vulcanized rubber-to-metal, utilize carcinogenic substances or restricted VOCs, whereas Parker Lord’s Chemlok® CB adhesives are free of trichloroethylene (TCE) and contain lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Ideal cold-bonding applications:
  • Tank repair
  • Tank lining
  • Pulley lagging
  • Chute lining
  • Shock pads
  • Slurry pipes
  • Abrasion pads
  • Belt repair
  • Belt splicing
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Chemlok® CB 150 Adhesive (One-Part System)

Product Overview of Chemlok® CB150

Chemlok® CB 150 Adhesive is a one-part system which bonds vulcanized rubber-to-rubber and rubber-to-metal at ambient (room) temperatures. This innovative adhesive system does not require dumping and mixing and has an unlimited pot life for less waste and longer open times.

Chemlok® CB150 was designed for use with natural rubber, chloroprene, neoprene, and similar compounds. Many vulcanized rubber sheets, especially those with hard-to-bond halogenated and bromated compounds, use a polar bonding layer to improve bonding to the substrate. When used with a Chemlok® primer, Chemlok® CB150 also adheres to metal.

If the adhesive becomes too dry, Chemlok® CB150 can be rejuvenated for up to 24 hours after application by soaking a rag in xylene and wiping it onto the surface of the substrate. (Be sure to allow adequate time for the xylene to dry off before mating.) As long as the bond line is not stressed, most assets can be moved immediately after lining.

Curing occurs between 24 and 72 hours. Full strength is reached in seven days.

Features and Benefits of Chemlok® CB150

  • Saves money and time as a one-part system with fewer steps, including no dumping or mixing
  • Unlimited pot life results in less waste and cost savings
  • Saves energy because it cures without the application of heat
  • 100% free of carcinogen solvents
  • Significantly lower amounts of VOCs, compared to other CB adhesives in the market
  • Bonds tenaciously to itself
  • Exceptional peel strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Applicable for a wide range of elastomer compounds, including several plastics
  • Longer dry-tack window allows for more finishing time of larger assets

Chemlok® CB150 Resources

Chemlok® CB102CS Adhesion Enhancer/Surface Modifier

Product Overview of Chemlok® CB102CS

Chemlok® CB102CS is a VOC-exempt, HAPs-compliant, solvent-based surface treatment for use on various vulcanized and thermoplastic polymeric materials. It chemically alters the surface of the rubber, making it more receptive to bonding. Chemlok® CB102CS is used in conjunction with a broad range of Parker Lord adhesives, including epoxy and urethane adhesives, for bonding cured rubber.

Features and Benefits of Chemlok® CB102CS

  • Versatile (e.g., functions as a cleaner and surface conditioner, and treats a wide variety of elastomer functional materials)
  • HAPS compliant
  • VOC exempt
  • Applies easily by wipe, brush, dip, or flood methods
  • Requires no mixing
  • Improved adhesion to cast urethanes and cured rubber
  • Fast drying within five minutes or less

Chemlok® CB102CS Resources

Chemlok® CB 100 A/B Adhesive (Two-Part System)

Product Overview of Chemlok® CB100

Chemlok® CB 100 A/B Adhesive is a two-part system which bonds which bonds vulcanized rubber-to-rubber and rubber-to-metal at ambient (room) temperatures.

Features and Benefits of Chemlok® CB100

  • Customize your own dilution by substrate
  • Apply fewer coats, increasing throughput 4x-10x, depending on substrate
  • Reduced VOC because there’s more adhesive per can
  • Less tacky than alternative solutions to gloves
  • Easier to adhere parts to complex geometries
  • Apply by brush or rollers

Chemlok® CB100 Resources

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Early adopters of these new CB adhesive technologies are always welcome! Our materials scientists and engineers can help you determine the best options for your unique applications.

For more information about other rubber-to-substrate adhesives and coatings from Parker Lord, check out this web page.

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