3M Webinar Recording: Peroxide Cured Fluoroelastomers in Automotive Applications

3M is sharing a recording of a recent webinar called “Peroxide Cured Fluoroelastomers in Automotive Applications.” This one-hour course provides an overview of fluoroelastomers in various automotive applications, introduces next-generation peroxide cured products from 3M, and shares a case study about coolant resistance.

RDAbbott promoted this webinar before it was live-streamed on July 28, 2021, and invites you to learn about fluoroelastomer compounding basics, typical compounds, and the role of metal oxides and hydroxides, various filler types, and processing aids. The featured speaker is 3M Advanced Materials Application Engineer Shelby Shevik.

This 3M webinar recording is accessible from a new automotive-focused web page, 3M.com/FKMauto, that contains several other resources for the automotive industry. You can also access this recording directly by following this link: