“Innovation x Sustainability” Webinar Series by ARLANXEO (September 29 – December 15)

Starting September 29, ARLANXEO is hosting a webinar series titled “Innovation x Sustainability.” Through December 15, ARLANXEO will hold 45-minute webinars each Thursday morning and evening that will cover a wide variety of topics on sustainable innovations.

The technical presenters in this series will address future challenges facing the rubber industry and how ARLANXEO

  • …views these challenges.
  • …is working continuously to reduce its own emissions in the production and manufacturing of its products.
  • …is selecting responsible chemicals for compounding and sourcing bio-based raw ingredients to design longer-life and sustainable applications.
  • …is improving end-of-life solutions for rubber products.
  • …can help you reduce the environmental footprint of your rubber products.
Webinar Series Program

Here’s a complete summary of the topics to be covered in this webinar series:

  • September 29: “ARLANXEO’s Sustainability Roadmap in Action”
  • October 6: “Reducing Scope 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions – A Case Study”
  • October 20: “Life Cycle Analysis Beyond Carbon Footprint”
  • October 27: “Responsible Chemistry – A Key to ARLANXEO’S Sustainability Roadmap”
  • November 3: “Responsible Chemistry – Using N-Nitrosamine-Free Baypren® Sulfur Grade for Dynamic Applications”
  • November 10: “Sustainable EPDM Rubber – Expanding the Keltan® Eco Family”
  • November 17: “Sustainability in the Rubber World – Green Compounding”
  • November 24: “Low Emission EPDM and NBR Polymers for Highly Demanding Applications”
  • December 1: “Improving the Elastomer Sealing Performance in Hydrogen Fuel Cells”
  • December 8: “Polychloroprene-Based Contact Adhesives with Sustainable and Safer Solvents”
  • December 15: “New Developments in Functionalized Elastomers for Tire Applications”
How to Register

Visit https://www.arlanxeo-webinars.com/ to learn more about each webinar.

To get additional information about each webinar, including who’s presenting and expected learnings, simply click the “More Information” links on the right side of their series home page.

Once you’ve determined the webinars of interest to you, return to the series home screen and click the red “Register Now” button on the left side screen. You’ll first be prompted to provide your Name, Organization Name, and Email Address. Next, you’ll be prompted to select the sessions of interest to you.

Each webinar is being offered in the morning and evening, so be sure to select the timeframe that works best for your schedule.

Please note: All webinars will be provided in English.

For more information about ARLANXEO high-performance elastomers, visit our web page and contact us.