“Sustainability: New Mobility Trends and Rubber in a Circular Economy” Webinar by RDAbbott (September 30)

Join ARLANXEO and RDAbbott on Friday, September 30, 2022, from 2:00 – 3:00 PM (ET) for “Sustainability: New Mobility Trends and Rubber in a Circular Economy,” a free webinar about the intersection of environmental sustainability, the rubber value chain, and New Mobility—an emerging sector that includes vehicle electrification and autonomous driving. Keltan® Eco, a bio and sustainably sourced EPDM from ARLANXEO, has a 10-year commercial history and can be part of the solution to overcoming industry challenges.

This live event is part of RDAbbott’s 2022 Webinar Series, which provides technical insights and processing recommendations from our supplier partners.

In addition to hearing a technically rich presentation, live webinar attendees will also have a chance to win a copy of ARLANXEO’s sought-after Handbook of Synthetic Rubber by playing our BINGO game during the presentation. For all the details of our game, please read the “RDAbbott BINGO” section below.

Register now and save your spot while seats are still available for this webinar. You’ll receive access to the live event, plus the recording and post-event resources.

Why You Should Attend

The automotive industry uses EPDM rubber in components ranging from door and window seals to radiator hoses, belts, engine mounts, and windshield wipers. Keltan® EPDM combines heat and environmental resistance with good mechanical and elastic properties, but automotive designers are seeking compounds that combine high-performance with environmental sustainability and support emerging technologies. With the exact same specifications and performance as conventional EPDM, Keltan® Eco utilizes sustainably sourced raw materials.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Keltan® Eco combines uncompromising quality with a smaller carbon footprint. The presenter, Pete Spanos, is an ARLANXEO Senior Technical Manager who will examine these and other topics:

  • New drive technologies, such as battery electric vehicles, and their engineering challenges
  • Broad trends in New Mobility and what’s needed to plan for the future
  • The rubber value chain, from monomers to polymers and from molders to end users, as well as where sustainable options fit
  • What bio-based Keltan® Eco EPDM rubber is and how it can help shrink your carbon footprint
  • Formulations and properties with Keltan® Eco and other sustainable ingredients
About the Presenter

Pete Spanos works for ARLANXEO as a Senior Technical Manager and has a broad experience with most types of rubber polymers, including design, plant processing, and advanced test programs. Today, he provides technical guidance and application development services to ARLANXEO customers. Before joining the company nine years ago, Pete worked for Duramax Marine, Hexpol / Excel Polymers, Duramax-Johnson Rubber, and LORD Corporation.

How to Register

Follow this link to register now and reserve your spot. If your calendar is booked during this time, you can still register now and watch on-demand later.


To keep things fun, all webinar attendees will have chance to win a copy of ARLANXEO’s comprehensive Handbook of Synthetic Rubber by playing our BINGO game during this presentation.

Before joining the webinar, be sure to download this RDAbbott BINGO Sheet, print it out, and have it in front of you.

The webinar host will let you know when the BINGO game begins, but once the game starts, all you have to do is:

  • Look and listen for the words shown on this BINGO sheet during Kevin’s presentation.
  • Check off each word on your sheet as you see or hear them presented.
  • As soon as you’ve checked off EVERY square, type “BINGO” in the Zoom chat.

The first person to complete the above steps and type BINGO in the Zoom chat window will receive a printed copy of ARLANXEO’s Handbook of Synthetic Rubber.

If you’re interested in learning more about ARLANXEO EPDMs now, contact us.
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