“Elastomers x Adhesives” Webinar Series by ARLANXEO (April 11 – May 23)

Starting April 11, ARLANXEO is hosting a webinar series titled “Elastomers x Adhesives.” From April 11 through May 23, 2023, ARLANXEO will hold 45-minute webinars each week addressing various product development in adhesives.

Webinar Series Program

Here’s a complete summary of the topics to be covered in this webinar series:

  • April 11: “An Introduction to Elastomers in Adhesives”
  • April 19: “Levamelt® for Reactive Polyurethane Hot Melts”
  • April 26: “ARLANXEO Products in Solvent-Based Adhesives – The Basics”
  • May 11: “ARLANXEO Products in Solvent-Based Adhesives – Special Applications”
  • May 17: “Levamelt® in Pressure Senstive Adhesives”
  • May 23: “Elastomeric Toughener in Epoxy Adhesives”
Why You Should Attend

Nowadays adhesives are indispensable in industry and everyday life. In handcrafts, engineering, construction or at home, adhesives offer a convenient solution for bonding and repair. Industries also rely on rapid-bonding and efficient adhesives to support their highly dynamic production cycles.

ARLANXEO’s elastomers not only find their application in technical rubber goods and tires, but also in the adhesive industry as raw materials or modifiers for adhesives and sealants. ARLANXEO’s elastomer products can give the adhesive more flexible bond lines, better wetting and tackiness, as well as improve impact resistance or act as a viscosity modifier and toughener.

In this webinar series, attendees will learn how ARLANXEO’s elastomers can be utilized in adhesives across a broad range of applications and industries, such as footwear, automotive, wood, furniture, and more.

How to Register

Visit https://www.arlanxeo-webinars.com/ to learn more about each webinar.

To get additional information about each webinar, including who’s presenting and expected learnings, simply click the “More Information” links on the right side of their series home page.

Once you’ve determined the webinars of interest to you, return to the series home screen and click the red “Register Now” button on the left side screen. You’ll first be prompted to provide your Name, Organization Name, and Email Address. Next, you’ll be prompted to select the sessions of interest to you.

Each webinar is being offered in the morning and evening, so be sure to select the timeframe that works best for your schedule.

For more information about ARLANXEO high-performance elastomers, contact us!