Rubber News Shares RDAbbott’s 2023 Vision

Rubber News recently featured our commitment to making the right connections as part of an interview with Jerry McCall, RDAbbott’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In the article, Rubber News described our post-COVID plans for the future, which reflect our core values of putting people and the service of others first.

As Jerry explained, RDAbbott is committed to “helping people”, whether it’s by providing products that solve tough challenges, delivering training, or helping to attract and educate the next generation of rubber industry talent. By connecting its customers with the right suppliers and materials, RDAbbott has set itself apart as it moves beyond the supply chain issues of the pandemic and post-COVID era.

In examining RDAbbott’s vision for the future, the article emphasizes the importance of NovationSi, our manufacturing subsidiary in Barberton, Ohio. With the launch of NovationSi’s 127,000-sq.-ft. facility in the fall of 2021, we demonstrated our commitment not only to producing silicone rubber dispersion products, but also to warehousing, customer service, research, and innovation for a range of elastomer materials.

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