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Webinar Recording: “New Selective Adhesion LSRs Enable More Efficient Fabrication of Automotive Seals”

The mobility industry is rapidly transforming, driven by the accelerating adoption rate of electric vehicles and the need for more sustainable material science solutions. This 1-hour presentation introduces a new series of selective adhesion liquid silicone rubber from Dow that is targeted to improve efficiency in designing and fabricating various automotive seals.

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Dow’s “Seek Together” Podcast Discusses the Future of Mobility

Dow discusses the future of mobility in its “Seek Together” Podcast. Host Eva Saha is joined by Tim Boven, Dow’s Global MobilityScience™ Director, and James Barclay of the Jaguar TCS Racing Team. Barclay provides an under-the-hood look at materials science innovations from Dow that helped the racing team make history during the 2020/2021 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

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Alpha Technologies Studies Recycled Rubber Powders and Mix Quality

Alpha Technologies has published a study about measuring the quality of mixes that contain recycled rubber powders (RRP). The authors compared ASTM test standards that are designed for use with rubber process analyzers and determined which tests are most and least effective with RRPs.

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