Webinar Recording “Applications for High-Performance, Optically Clear Silicone Rubber”

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, RDAbbott hosted a webinar titled “Applications for High-Performance, Optically Clear Silicone Rubber.” In this 1-hour presentation, three presenters from Dow describe innovative applications for optical silicones in both general and automotive LED lighting.

The Dow presenters are Brian Czech, Associate Technical Service & Development Scientist; Morgan Ketola, Senior Marketer; and Jake Steinbrecher, Technical Service & Development Scientist.

This recording is part of RDAbbott’s 2024 Webinar Series, which provides technical insights, material updates, and processing recommendations from our supplier partners.

Why You Should Watch and Listen

Optical silicones provide long-term stability, material flexibility, and proven processing performance. Due to their high-temperature properties, luminous flux, and resistance to weathering, these advanced silicone rubber materials are well-suited for a variety of LED lighting applications.

For example, high-power outdoor stadium lighting has benefited from optical silicones’ luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a light source. In the automotive industry, optical silicones are offering high-volume processing capabilities for long-term performing solutions of adaptive driving beam lighting designs.

By understanding the material performance needs in these and other lighting applications, Dow continues to expand its portfolio of moldable optical silicones and is developing innovative technologies, such as clear extrudable silicone rubber.

About the Presenters

Brian Czech is the North American Technical Service Representative for Dow moldable optical silicones. He is the main focal point for street, stadium, horticultural, hazardous, and other general lighting applications.

Morgan Ketola is currently the North American Lighting Market Manager for Dow silicones. She received both her BA in marketing and MS in marketing research and analytics from Michigan State University. She has a passion for marketing, telling stories with data, and connecting with people.

Jake Steinbrecher is a globally recognized technical leader in the fields of moldable optical silicones and silicone part fabrication. His current focus is developing applications for a variety of silicone elastomers in the automotive and mobility markets and providing direct support to silicone fabricators.

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