RDAbbott Expands 3M Advanced Materials Distribution to Canada

RDAbbott has signed a new distribution agreement with 3M to expand its distribution of 3M Advanced Materials to Canada. This new agreement will be facilitated and managed locally by RDAbbott’s Canadian division, RDAbbott Canada, Ltd., based out of Burlington, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area. The agreement became effective on July 1, 2021, and covers fluoroelastomers; perfluoroelastomers; and FKM curatives and process aids.

Prior to this new distribution agreement, RDAbbott represented 3M in the continental United States. This new distribution agreement covers the same 3M products RDAbbott currently carries, including 3M Dyneon™ brand elastomers that provide excellent thermal and chemical resistance, low permeation, excellent processability, long service life, and compatibility with a variety of molding and extrusion processes.

The 3M Advanced Materials covered by this new distribution agreement are used in demanding applications and industries, including the transportation, electronics, oil and gas, chemical processing, defense, rubber and plastics, paints and coatings, industrial, energy, and healthcare industries. Some applications include high-performance seals for hot-running turbine engines and semiconductor manufacturing, low-permeation fuel hoses that help reduce automotive emissions, and transparent membrane structures that resist all kinds of weather. Parts made from these materials can survive heat, harsh chemicals, and high pressures while enhancing productivity, performance, and design freedom.

“We are excited to implement this new agreement and look forward to leveraging our knowledge of the Canadian rubber market,” said Greg Hrenya, Vice President of Business Development at RDAbbott. “Our teams have the experience and expertise to grow demand for 3M Advanced Materials.”

3M is confident that RDAbbott will do a fantastic job servicing our Canadian customers,” said Wendell W. Smith, Sales Manager for 3M’s Advanced Materials Division. “RDAbbott is a proven partner in the continental United States and can extend the sales and servicing of 3M’s FKM fluoroelastomers—proven products that are used in some of the toughest environments on earth.”

RDAbbott will stock its Canadian warehouses with the 3M Advanced Materials covered by this new distribution agreement and make these products available for shipment.

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