3M Compression Stress Relaxation Testing for Automotive Applications

3M is sharing a video that explains how compression stress relaxation (CSR) testing is helping automotive manufacturers solve sealing challenges. As automotive environments become more demanding and the need for longer lasting seals and hoses keeps increasing, 3M application engineers are using CSR testing to understand dynamic sealing force over time so they can design formulations for optimum performance.

3M uses actual CSR test results to recommend FKM fluoroelastomers and compound parameters for various automotive fluids, including organic additive technology (OAT) coolants. 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers are FKM materials that include FPO 3820, a high-fluorine elastomer that can exceed expectations even after aggressive conditions of 150°C for 3,000 hours.

This video is accessible from a new automotive-focused web page, 3M.com/FKMauto, that contains several other resources for the automotive industry. You can also access this video directly by following this link: