Alpha Technologies Sponsors Interactive Quiz with Prizes

Alpha Technologies is sponsoring an interactive quiz through Rubber News about rubber raw materials. This short seven-question quiz is available through mid-July and prompts participants to answer questions about processing, polymerization, and testing. All quiz takers will receive a free digital copy of “6 Test Methods to Reduce Raw Material Variation,” an e-book from Alpha Technologies. There will also be a drawing for a Grand Prize and Second Prize during the week of July 15, 2024.

Questions and Answers

Alpha Technologies is the leader in applying rheology science to testing and provides the rubber industry with advanced test instruments, software, and global applications support. The company’s interactive quiz consists of true/false questions and covers topics that include:

  • Viscosity variables
  • Mixing and extruding variables
  • Cross-linking during elastomer polymerization
  • Rubber testing methods

The quiz indicates whether a user’s answer is correct or incorrect and then explains the right answer.

Grand Prize and Second Prize

All quiz-takers will be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize or Second Prize. The Grand Prize is a signed copy of “Practical Rubber Rheology and Dynamic Properties” by John Dick. The Second Prize is a $50 Gift Card. Alpha Technologies will notify the winners via email and send all participants a free digital copy of its e-book.