Customized Service for Truckload or Less-Than-Truckload Quantities of ARLANXEO Materials

RDAbbott is an authorized distribution partner representing ARLANXEO’s Tire and Specialty Rubbers (TSR) and High-Performance Elastomers (HPE) business units.

RDAbbott is currently servicing the west coast of the United States for the HPE product line. The HPE business unit offers its customers a broad portfolio of technical rubbers including Baypren®, Keltan®, Krynac®, Perbunan®, Therban® and Levapren® grades.

For the TSR line, RDAbbott has a nationwide agreement to service customers throughout the United States with the following grades: Buna CB®, Buna VSL®, Buna SE®, and X_Butyl® product lines.

The relationship between ARLANXEO and RDAbbott is truly collaborative and focuses on how best to service our customers. RDAbbott offers tremendous ordering flexibility and operational versatility. In some cases, customers don’t have the warehouse space to inventory material or their applications don’t require a large amount of product. In response to this need, RDAbbott has been able to intercede on these customers’ behalf by stocking its warehouses with the products that customers want, in the amounts they need—strategically located throughout the United States.

RDAbbott can easily accommodate single-bale shipments to full truckload orders. This approach has introduced new ordering options for customers needing ARLANXEO materials. Some customers who have traditionally purchased in full truckloads are finding it extremely beneficial to order smaller quantities more frequently from RDAbbott to save floor space in their warehouse, control inventory levels and open up cash flow by investing less resources per order.

A great example of this is with ARLANXEO’s ESBR material, Buna SE 1502 in particular. Customers who usually ordered in full truckloads every few months have found it beneficial to order this material from our warehouse as they need it instead of buying it and using the full shipment for several months.

At RDAbbott, we’re in the business of applying curiosity. It’s modeled best in our genuine desire to serve our customers efficiently and effectively.




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