ARLANXEO Presentations from 24-Hour Technical Marathon

The following presentations from ARLANXEO’s recent 24-hour technical marathon that featured experts from every continent and company product line may be requested from RDAbbott.

  • “Overcoming Tear and Hot Tear Strength Issues in EPDM Compounds” by Pete Spanos
  • “Butyl Rubber for Specialty Applications” by Rayner Krista
  • “Curing of Butyl Rubber Compounds” by Kevin Kulbaba
  • “ARLANXEO’s Solutions for Shoe Sole Applications” by Luiz Nicolini
  • “Sustainable Compounding of EPDM” by Philip Hough
  • “EPDM Rubber Crosslinking Chemistry” by Martin van Duin

To request access to any of the above presentations, please contact us.