Alpha Technologies Offers Sub-Zero Technology for Premier™ RPA

Alpha Technologies is offering an extension for its Premier™ Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) that can increase safety and reduce costs. Known as “Sub-Zero Technology,” this enhancement can test compounds at temperatures as low as -25°C without the use of liquid nitrogen. While the tire industry drove product development, Alpha Technologies is now eyeing applications for other types of applications.

Sub-Zero Technology eliminates the need to buy and store liquid nitrogen, a cryogenic substance that can be expensive, requires recharging, and poses safety risks. This enhancement for Premier™ RPA runs ambient air through a dryer and chiller, removing moisture and cooling the rubber sample. The compound is then loaded into Premier™ RPA, a versatile instrument that can perform a battery of tests.

As reported in Rubber News, tire makers can use Sub-Zero Technology to perform 11 tests, including ones that help them predict rolling resistance, winter traction, handling and cornering, and wet traction. Historically, some of these tests had to be performed with dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) instruments that required the services of a skilled technician.

With Sub-Zero Technology, however, tire makers and other organizations can simply load a sample into the Premier™ RPA and push a button. Alpha Technologies provides the training that’s needed and offers routine maintenance packages.

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