AT10™ Universal Tensile Tester from Alpha Technologies

The Alpha Technologies AT10™ is a CE certified universal tensile tester for rubber, plastics, and additional materials. A table-top model with a maximum load value of 10kN, the AT10 performs tension, compression, peel, tear, adhesion, O-ring and other tests for quality control and R&D applications.

New software allows for simple recalculation of results, and data can be stored on the instrument computer’s hard drive, or interface with your LIMS network.

Key testing features include:

  • Comprehensive computer controlled testing with a full range of user features
  • Basic license for tension, tear, compression, peel, adhesion and O-ring
  • Data point selector and custom data point calculator
  • Easily reanalyze and recalculate results
  • Export to Excel, Word, SQL database and Alpha Technologies’ Enterprise Quality Management Software

For more information, download Alpha’s product brochure or check out their web page.


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