RDAbbott’s Beth Sepulveda Celebrates Milestone Work Anniversary

Beth Sepulveda, RDAbbott’s Credit Manager, celebrated her 20-year work anniversary on March 1, 2024. When she joined RDAbbott in 2004, the company was fairly small. It has since grown over ten-fold. Beth has been an important pillar of this tremendous growth and combines diligence with creative problem-solving and empathetic listening. By embodying RDAbbott’s values, she has also earned the respect of her peers.

Beth began her RDAbbott career as a receptionist and back-up Customer Service Representative. A year later, she moved to Accounts Receivable (AR), a key role because of its connection to customer relationships and cash flow. Thanks to her diligence and persistence, Beth once uncovered a criminal enterprise involved in check fraud. RDAbbott did not lose any funds because of these fraudulent activities, and Beth’s efforts involved research, communicating with other companies, and alerting law enforcement.

Today, Beth’s peers continue to attest to her commitment and capabilities. Paul Kellen, Director of Finance, says that Beth “often goes way beyond what I would expect anyone else in her role to do.” Jennifer Perez, Chief of Staff, says “I know of no other company with the metrics we have for AR,” and credits Beth’s “attention to detail and steadfastness in her pursuit.” Lori Terrones, a Customer Service Representative, describes Beth as a “one-woman army” and is amazed at “how she gets it all done.”

Beth is also committed to going the distance outside of work. She values her faith, family, and friends and emphasizes the importance of clear communication, honesty, and integrity. She also adheres to the Golden Rule, the principle of treating others as a person would want to be treated by them. Beth loves her job and enjoys the way it challenges her to grow, but it’s not just her accounting acumen that’s made such an impression on industry colleagues.

Known for her warmth, friendship, and generosity, Beth is admired for her ability to inspire others and get things done. “I was always so impressed with her resolve,” adds Eddie Gonzales, Business Line Manager for RDAbbott. “As we have grown together in our careers and in life, Beth has motivated me,” says Renee Horvatich, Technical Service Representative at Akrochem. “Some people say, and some people do,” adds Howard Vipperman, Chairman of the Board at VIP Rubber & Plastic Company. “Beth is someone who does.”

When things get tough, Beth Sepulveda’s tenacity and generosity continue to shine through. “Life can be a rollercoaster,” says Keith Thomas, President of RDAbbott, “and Beth is a great person to sit next to.” Her embodiment of RDAbbott’s values, especially service to others, is also steadfast. “She has taught me what perseverance and toughness really looks like,” Thomas says. “It starts and ends with love.”