Brian Swanton Named Director, Process Engineering for NovationSi

Novation Solutions, LLC (NovationSi), the manufacturing subsidiary for RDAbbott, has named Brian Swanton as Director of Process Engineering. Swanton holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technology University and has over 28 years of silicone experience, including extensive service with Dow and Dupont. Swanton holds multiple patents and has developed or scaled up at least forty products, which now represent a minimum of $100M in annual sales.

Before joining NovationSi, Swanton was a Senior Process Specialist for Dupont, where he provided technical leadership and was responsible for qualifying plant start-ups. He’s also worked as a Senior Industry Specialist for Dow, where he supported the double-digit growth of new products in consumer and industrial markets. In addition, Swanton has served as a Quality Engineer and Senior Process Engineer for Dow Corning with responsibilities that included product development for both liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high consistency silicone rubber (HCR) market segments.

“Brian’s vast knowledge of our LSR and HCR materials—combined with his considerable experience in product development, commercialization, and product quality—make him an excellent addition to our growing NovationSi team,” said Bob Bradley, President of NovationSi.

NovationSi is headquartered in Barberton, Ohio, and specializes in custom LSR compounds; modifiers, additives, and colors for silicone; and highly specialized elastomer products.

Brian began his NovationSi career on January 21, 2023, and is part of a team where NovationSi elastomer technologists, compounders, and pigment specialists work closely with RDAbbott’s material scientists and application engineers to create fully customized elastomer solutions that solve tough industry challenges.