CancarbCares: Cancarb Employees Generously Support Three Causes

Cancarb Limited recently raised money for cancer research, donated money to a local college, and sponsored a fundraiser to help provide meals to neighbors in need. These efforts are part of Cancarb’s ongoing #CancarbCares campaign.

Cancarb is owned by Japan’s Tokai Carbon Group and based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, where approximately 85 employees develop, manufacture, and distribute medium thermal carbon black–a functional filler used in the production of rubber, plastics, insulation, concrete, graphite, and more.

RDAbbott has represented Cancarb’s Thermax® products in the United States and Canada since 2017. In June 2023, RDAbbott became Cancarb’s exclusive distributor for Thermax® brand medium thermal carbon black in Mexico.

In September, Cancarb employees participated in Medicine Hat’s annual Terry Fox Run, which is named after a courageous 18-year-old cancer patient who ran across Canada in the summer of 1980 to raise money for cancer research. At this year’s memorial event, several Cancarb employees and their families, along with a donation from Cancarb itself, contributed a total of $1,350 to the Terry Fox Foundation.

In October, members of Cancarb’s Senior Leadership Team visited Medicine Hat College to present the institution with a $15,000 donation to be awarded to students over the next five years. Students in the science, power engineering, and business administration programs received the first three awards, and eligible students will be automatically considered for future awards beginning in 2024.

CancarbCares also demonstrated its commitment to community by serving as a Supporting Sponsor at the Mustard Seed Program’s fourth annual “Harvest Takeaway,” an event in downtown Medicine Hat. This family-friendly event raises money to provide meals to those in need.