Cancarb Shares Results of Concrete Water Immersion and Accelerated Weather Testing

Cancarb Limited has published a Technical Bulletin with the results of Concrete Water Immersion and Accelerated Weather Testing. The tests compared the use of Thermax® N990, a medium thermal carbon black, and CARBOCOLOR®, a concrete colorant, to black iron oxide in concrete. The Cancarb products provided superior tint strength and weather resistance.

Thermax® N990 and CARBOCOLOR®

As a functional filler, Thermax® N990 can improve dispersion, decrease mixing energy, and extend the compound without sacrificing important physical properties. Thermax® N990 consists of soft, uniform pellets that are easy to disperse in most applications—including concrete products like cement pavers and roofing tiles.

Thermax® CARBOCOLOR® concrete colorant produces a dark gray color with blue undertones. Its large particle size and chemical inertness also provide significant resistance to long-term weathering and aging. In addition, CARBOCOLOR® withstands acids, alkalis, and heat.

Concrete Water Immersion and Accelerated Weather Testing

Cancarb’s recent Technical Bulletin compares Thermax® N990 and CARBOCOLOR® to black iron oxide, which provides uniform coloration. The test results demonstrate that Cancarb’s products demonstrated superior tint strength and weathering resistance.

Additional benefits of using Cancarb’s products include:

  • No visible signs of pigment migration
  • No oxidation or reduction in pigment
  • Excellent coloring
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