New EV Resource for Parker LORD Chemlok® Products

Parker LORD has launched an EV-focused web page that explains how its Chemlok® rubber-to-substrate bonding products are used in electric vehicles. This new resource includes an overview video plus information about adhesives and coatings for weatherstripping and glass. There’s also information about dielectric coatings for battery packs, explanations of how Parker LORD products are used in motor mounts and suspension parts, and additional information about Chemlok® applications for EVs.

In-Depth Information

This new Parker LORD web page provides access to these and other resources:

Additional Applications for EVs

Parker LORD’s new web page also provides information about how Chemlok® products are used in these EV applications.

  • Brakes
  • HVAC air compressor units
  • Motor seals
  • Hoses
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