Chemlok® 3Stream HCR Additive Featured in Rubber News

Rubber News recently published an article about Chemlok® 3Stream (3S), a silicone additive from Parker LORD that enables self-bonding without primers or adhesives. This additive can significantly reduce manufacturing costs for HCR-bonded parts by eliminating the need to prime substrates before overmolding or compression molding. High Consistency Rubber (HCR) compounds are silicones used in high-performance applications.

Additional Advantages

Many primer solvents use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can pose environmental health and safety issues within manufacturing facilities. Since primers are not required, no VOCs are present. Chemlok® 3S also saves space on the plant floor by eliminating the need for an adhesive station and drying area, which are typically used for application of the primer.

Materials and Applications

Chemlok® 3S is added during the milling process and does not seem to affect the mechanical properties of HCR. This additive can bond to clean metals, plastics, nylons, and polycarbonates. Some key applications include automotive and medical parts, thermoplastic grips, and vibration controls.

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