Webinar Recording: Transform Regular LSR into Self-Bonding

Parker LORD recently hosted a webinar on “Transforming Regular LSR into Self-Bonding LSR.” We wanted to make sure you have access to this insightful presentation.

In this presentation, Parker LORD’s Katie Tuttle, Global Market Manager in the Elastomer Process Materials Division, and Paul Wheeler, Staff Scientist, introduce a new adhesion additive technology, Chemlok® 3Stream (3S), that transforms regular liquid silicone rubber (LSR) into self-bonding LSR.

Here’s what you can expect to learn by watching this recording:

  • How Chemlok® 3S can be added to your existing injection molding process via a standard third-stream pump without giving up the quality or performance of the LSR physical properties, as well as alleviating the labor and volatile solvents associated with traditional primer/adhesive systems.
  • Chemlok® 3S’ adhesion performance to various plastic substrates, including: PA, PBT, aluminum, steel, nickel and many more.

Follow this link to access the webinar recording.

To learn more about this new adhesion additive technology, visit our product page and contact RDAbbott!