Dow Shares Battery Fire Protection Product Selection Guide

Dow is sharing a Product Selection Guide with solutions for Battery Fire Protection (BFP) in electric vehicles (EVs). Thermal runaway, a phenomenon that occurs when a battery cell starts to heat up uncontrollably, remains a risk with lithium-ion batteries. RDAbbott is an authorized distributor of Dow Performance Silicones, including many of the BFP products highlighted in this Guide.

What’s Inside the Guide?

Dow’s Product Selection Guide for Battery Fire Protection (BFP) covers the following topics:

  • Silicones for EV battery cell encapsulation
  • Silicone foam sheets for compressibility and thermal insulation
  • Silicone adhesives and sealants for fire-resistance over a wide temperature range
  • High consistency silicone rubber for flame resistance and ceramification
Dow Performance Silicones for EV BFP

Silicones are not the only materials that can be used for battery fire protection, but they offer a unique set of properties that make them well-suited for BFP in EVs. For example, silicones are thermally stable up to 250°C. Above 300°C, silicones undergo ceramification instead of combustion. This reduces the amount of fuel and gases a battery cell could generate if thermal runaway occurs. Ceramification also reduces the chances of arcing and short-circuits in high voltage systems.

RDAbbott distributes the following Dow silicones that are listed in this guide.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR):

  • SILASTIC™ RBL-9694-30P LSR
  • SILASTIC™ RBL-9694-45M LSR

High Consistency Rubber (HCR):

  • SILASTIC™ HCM 50-1339 FR Red
  • SILASTIC™ HCC 67-1347 FR Red
  • SILASTIC™ HCC 65-1351 EV FR Red

In EV batteries, LSRs are used with connectors and seals. HCRs are used with vents, busbars, cables, and thermal barriers.

Additional Resources

For additional information about Dow silicones for EVs, access these RDAbbott webinar recordings:

RDAbbott also has extensive testing capabilities and provides technical support.

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