Dow and Darkoo Optics Innovate Highly Efficient and Reliable LED Lens Modules with Advanced Optical Silicones

Darkoo Optics Co., Ltd., an internationally reputable producer of optical lenses that enhance high-performing LED illumination sources, recently collaborated with Dow to develop two new lenses for high-bay lighting fixtures.

Since these high-bay lighting fixtures are typically used for illuminating warehouses, industrial settings, and outdoor parking lots, Darkoo needed a high-performing and durable optical material that could withstand harsher conditions.

They also wanted to find a material that could optimize the optical efficiency of its 60° and 90° lens designs, as well as streamline manufacturing to help reduce the total costs for its customers.

As outlined in this case study, Dow Corning® MS-1002 Moldable Silicone proved to be the efficient and reliable solution to resolve their design challenge.