Dow Launches SILASTIC™ MS-5002 Moldable Silicone

Dow has launched SILASTIC™ MS-5002 Moldable Silicone, a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for high-volume production of parts, such as the light guides in adaptive driving beam (ADB) headlights. This new optical material has very low mold fouling for faster cycle times and is specially formulated for injection molded parts with less-complex geometries. SILASTIC™ MS-5002 is the newest member of a proven family of products.

SILASTIC™ MS-5002 weighs less than glass and is inherently resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light. As a silicone, it offers better heat resistance than optical grade thermoplastics and is well-suited to help manage the increasing temperatures of high-power LED lighting systems. Silicones are also stress-relieving and provide superior moisture protection. In addition, SILASTIC™ MS-5002 helps to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions during manufacturing.

SILASTIC™ MS-5002 joins a family of moldable optical materials for lighting, electronics, and optical applications. Each material meets an application-specific need. For example:

  • SILASTIC™ MS-1001 has low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to meet Asia-Pacific regulatory requirements
  • SILASTIC™ MS-1002 is ideal for complex ADB geometries with 50 – 90 light guides.
  • SILASTIC™ MS-4002 offers lower yellowing under humid conditions with a slick plastic-like feel.

Like SILASTIC™ MS-5002, all of these Dow materials are optically clear with high light transmittance and lower haze. The main difference with SILASTIC™ MS-5002 is that it supports the high-volume injection molding of parts like light guides and lenses. In other words, SILASTIC™ MS-5002 provides the same optical and application performance as
SILASTIC™ MS-1002, but can complete four times as many cycles before mold cleaning is required.