Dow Case Study: SILASTIC™ Moldable Silicone for Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Dow has published a case study that explains how its SILASTIC™ MS-4007 Moldable Silicone enabled award-winning emergency vehicle lighting. Dow’s two-part, heat-cured silicone resin is lighter than glass, resists yellowing better than plastic, and can withstand high heat and moisture while providing excellent light transmittance for optical clarity.

SoundOff Signal, a global leader in EMS lighting, worked with the silicone experts at Dow to develop lens materials for new lamps in its popular mpower® series of lighting products. The Hudsonville, Michigan, company used SILASTIC™ MS-4007 Moldable Silicone for lens lamp assemblies that provide powerful tri-color light output at 180° viewing angles under difficult conditions.

The ruggedness and weather-resistance of SILASTIC™ MS-4007 Moldable Silicone also improved sealing performance. In addition, the clear and durable silicone lamp lenses resist damage from pitting, scratching, and cracking. Dow won an R&D Top 100 award for SILASTIC™ MS-4007 in 2019, and SoundOff Signal won a 2021 EMS World Innovation award for lighting that uses this Dow material.

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