Parker Lord Video Shows Rubber-to-Substrate Bonding for EVs

Parker Lord has released a new animated video that shows electric vehicle (EV) applications for its Chemlok® adhesives, Sipiol® adhesives and coatings, and Flocklok®/Flocksil® adhesive products. The video is available on Parker Lord’s Rubber-to-Substrate Bonding for Electric Vehicles page.

Chemlok® Adhesives

Chemlok® adhesives from Parker Lord support automotive comfort, performance, and safety. These rubber-to-substrate solutions are used in the following EV applications:

  • Suspension components, including high-torque applications in under-chassis environments
  • Hydraulic piston and bearing seals
  • Isolation mounts with customized elastomer blends, including resonance-isolating hydro mounts
  • Accessory drive mounts with independent vehicle support systems
  • Suspension mounts that reduce noise, vibration, and harshness
  • Stabilizer bars that need stronger bonds to support suspension loads from battery packs
  • Hoses that carry glycol for thermal management in power trains and some battery designs
  • Tires that needed stronger cords and better performance because of heavier EV weights

Chemlok® products also include glass encapsulation adhesives that provide a watertight window seal between the polymer and the glass.

Sipiol® and Flocklok®/Flocksil® Adhesives

As Parker Lord’s new video explains, Sipiol® weatherstrip and glass coatings and adhesives reduce buzz, squeak, and rattle while extending the life of automotive sealing. Sipiol® coatings also provide excellent abrasion and environmental resistance. Flocklok® and Flocksil® adhesives insulate automotive windows from noise, dirt, and moisture while protecting seals from wear.

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