Explore Suitable Applications for Thermax® N990 Thermal Carbon Black

Cancarb’s Thermax® Thermal Carbon Black possesses unique characteristics which provide benefits to many diverse applications. Thermax® has the largest particle size among carbon blacks. It has very low particle aggregation and is one of the purest forms of carbon available.

Cancarb’s technical team prepared these comprehensive technical presentations to showcase the unique properties and processing benefits of Thermax® which make it an exceptional, cost-effective choice for so many applications:

After you’ve reviewed the above technical presentations, we highly encourage you to check out the “Applications” section of their website.

Once there, simply click on “more details” at the end of each section to access over 50 technical bulletins. These bulletins demonstrate why Thermax® Thermal Carbon Black is a smart addition when mixing for these applications:

If you have any questions, are interested in purchasing Thermax® Thermal Carbon Black, and/or are interested in attending a web-based technical presentation hosted by Cancarb and RDAbbott, please contact us!