FKM Compound Recipes by 3M

We all know that compounding FKM is largely a “black art” and we often rely on the work of others to get a head start with formulation design.

Well 3M has developed an excellent resource to save you some time on your next FKM project. The 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers Compound Recipes booklet is a guide for evaluating, processing, and troubleshooting FKM with certain 3M products.

Whether your application design calls for a molded O-Ring, extrusion or seal, 3M has the foundational work detailed in their compound recipes resource. Or maybe you have an aerospace specification number and you’re not sure which polymer to choose, 3M has made that easy as well, simply reference the specification number listed you’ll have your starting formulation with typical data!

Follow this link to download the recipe booklet.