Arlanxeo Introduces Keltan® 2470E for Electrical Applications

To better serve the wire and cable market with EPDM raw materials, ARLANXEO is introducing a new product—Keltan® 2470E—which has been specifically developed for electrical applications.

With the introduction of Keltan® 2470E, ARLANXEO intends to phase out Keltan® 2470L produced in Geleen, The Netherlands, and use the new Keltan® 2470E produced in Triunfo, Brazil, as the replacement grade. The last production of Keltan® 2470L in Geleen is projected to take place at the end of Q1 2018.

Although the Keltan® 2470L was accepted by many customers in its current form, it was concluded that a better performing product was desirable for use in other markets. This led to the development of a new product specifically for wire and cable applications in ARLANXEO’s Keltan® plant in Brazil. To indicate its specific target application in electrical applications, ARLANXEO has introduced a new suffix to its product nomenclature “E” for Electrical.

Keltan® 2470E offers the following benefits:

  • Improved electrical properties
  • Peroxide vulcanization in line with the historical Keltan® 2470L
  • Improved consistency of bale structure

Product Properties
The primary specific properties for Mooney, ethylene and ENB content for the new Keltan® 2470E are identical to the current Keltan® 2470L.

The packaging of the Keltan® 2470E will be different and will be in a 2-cell cardboard box, in line with the global packaging standard for most Keltan® products.

Samples are available and will be designated with the name “Keltan® 2470L DE.” The “DE” suffix indicates the new development status of the product. After satisfactory customer feedback and several large production campaigns, the “DE” suffix will be removed and the product will be supplied as Keltan® 2470E.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact us.