Krista Toutant Elected as Secretary for Rubber Division, ACS

RDAbbott is underscoring its investment in the rubber industry and sharing some good news during these challenging times. RDAbbott’s Krista Toutant, a global sales and marketing professional with 18 years of focused experience in the rubber industry, has been elected Secretary of the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), an international association of elastomer industry professionals. This election marks the start of Toutant’s five-year progression to becoming Chair of the Executive Committee, Rubber Division’s governing body.

Krista Toutant has worked with RDAbbott for four years and is a Business Line Manager for Performance Polymers. Previously, she spent 14 years with LANXESS, a specialty chemicals company. Toutant received her MBA from West Virginia University and is a founding member of the Bourbon Trail Elastomer Group, where she is now a Membership Director. Toutant is also a member of the Ohio Rubber Group, Southern Rubber Group, and Rubber Roller Group. Her previous service with the Rubber Division includes participation in its Membership, Marketing, and Future Sites Committees. Toutant was also a panelist for the first Women of Rubber Division Conference in 2019.

Rubber Division, ACS, is an international association of chemists, engineers, technicians, scientists, plant managers, sales and marketing professionals, and other leaders from industry, academia, and government. The Division serves as a global resource for education, science, technology, and business-related information and programs, and works to expand the elastomeric profession and individual development through supporting activities. The organization is over 100 years old and is comprised of 16 Subdivisions, called Rubber Groups, that are located across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The Division also has international affiliates and technical partners in India, Brazil, Malaysia, and Japan.

The Executive Committee, with whom Krista will serve, is the governing body of the Division and is responsible for strategic planning and the direction of the Division. The Executive Committee consists of the Division Officers, the Subdivision Directors, the Affiliated Technical Organization Director(s), the Division Councilor(s) and Alternate Councilor(s), the Director of Bylaws and Procedures, the Directors’ Representative, the Directors’ Representative-Elect, one Member-at-Large, and three Past Division Chairs.

RDAbbott is invested in Rubber Division, ACS, as an organization and in the rubber industry overall. Many RDAbbott employees serve as members, board members, and/or committee members in all 16 of the Division’s local groups. Jerry McCall, RDAbbott’s Vice President, served as 2018 Chair of Rubber Division, ACS.

“RDAbbott is proud of Krista Toutant for her recent election as Secretary of the Rubber Division, ACS, and salutes every employee who serve this important organization and its local groups,” said McCall.