ARLANXEO Introduces Mass Balanced Keltan® EPDM and Renames Eco Grades

ARLANXEO now supplies Keltan® Eco EPDM that meets the requirements of mass balance, a model for tracking sustainable feedstock and encouraging the circular economy. Last February, the company’s production facility in The Netherlands earned an ISCC Plus certification under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISSC) system, of which mass balance is a part.

With this ISCC Plus certification, ARLANXEO can now offer bio-circular Keltan® Eco EPDM that is produced with the mass balance approach. Keltan® has the world’s largest portfolio of premium EPDM grades, including eco-friendly products that use renewable feedstocks. Keltan® Eco grades include up to 70% bio-based content and have properties that are comparable to EPDM grades derived from fossil fuels.

In a related development, ARLANXEO will rename its Keltan® Eco grades to reflect the feedstock source. This change is scheduled for January 1, 2024, because there are still current supplies of Keltan® Eco in stock. The following table below describes these changes:

Current NameNew NameFeedstock SourceTest Method Used
Keltan® EcoKeltan® Eco-BB = Bio
Virgin agricultural raw materials
Keltan® Eco-BCBC = Bio-Circular
Waste materials of biological origin
Mass Balanced
Keltan® Eco-CC = Circular
Wastes materials of non-biological origin
Mass Balanced
(Future Option)

Note: The primary and secondary specifications of ARLANXEO’s Keltan® Eco EPDM platform remain unchanged compared to their fossil-based variants.

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