RDAbbott Celebrates Fred Hammers’ 50+ Years in the Rubber Industry

RDAbbott is honoring Manfred “Fred” Hammers, a Senior Account Manager whose 50+ years career ended with his retirement on December 31, 2021, after 18 years with the company. Fred joined RDAbbott as a Technical Service Representative in 2004 after spending many years in the rubber, latex, and adhesives industry as a Technical and Production Manager. Fred’s colleagues and former co-workers recently shared their memories of him in a tribute that attests to his professional knowledge and personal character.

“Fred has forever solidified himself as a family man, a gentleman, a professional, a wealth of knowledge, but most importantly as a friend,” said Jerry McCall, RDAbbott’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “While I’m sad to see to Fred go, I’m extremely grateful for the years I’ve had working and learning from him.” McCall’s sentiments are shared by many, including those who remember Fred’s 14 years working with Bayer (now LANXESS). “He develops great relationships with customers that lasts for years,” says Sandra Ziebell, RDAbbott’s Western Sales Manager.

Fred’s rubber industry career began nearly six decades ago after he received a Rubber Technology Diploma from the Chemistry College at Bayer in Leverkusen, Germany. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Industrial Management. Fred speaks both German and English, but he also knows how to communicate from the heart. Whether it’s through his participation in The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI), his 56-year marriage to his beloved wife Margarete, or the way the couple have raised their children, Fred’s regard for others is what they’ll remember most. “In all my experience with Fred, he never once served himself first. Everyone else’s needs always came before his own,” said Jeff Bahash, RDAbbott’s Director of Supply Chain.

“Fred is a man of exceptional character and is well respected by customers, competitors and fellow employees,” said Scott Kearns, Principal at ElastaPro. “Fred’s character is impeccable,” agrees Beth Sepulveda, RDAbbott’s Credit Manager. “He has always cared for his employees, not only as co-workers, but also as friends,” she adds. Others describe Fred as the “ultimate” or “consummate” sales professional and cite his honesty, resiliency, and hard work. “He teaches,” says Rick Ziebell, RDAbbott Technical Fellow and Vice President of Technology, “that requires respect for those you serve.”

On behalf of RDAbbott, your colleagues, and the countless customers you’ve served, we applaud and thank you, Fred, for the immeasurable contributions and wisdom you’ve shared over these past 50+ years.