Novel Electrically Conductive Silicone Compounds, Using NovationSi and Zeon Technologies, Are Helping Medical Science

In a press release dated January 20, 2021, NovationSi announced a newly developed HCR healthcare compounds that enhances electrical properties of silicone rubber, using patent-pending technologies that incorporate a revolutionary single-wall carbon nanotube (“SG101”) developed by Zeon Corporation.

By effectively dispersing Zeon’s SG101 single-wall carbon nanotubes into NovationSi’ PURmix® HCR healthcare compounds, the electrically conductive properties of the cured article are greatly enhanced.

A practical application of this novel silicone technology is medical devices that perform neuromodulation therapies on the human body. In fact, the first clinical use of this new silicone compound has already won FDA clearance in suppressing essential tremors and has been released to the medical device market for use on patients under physicians’ care.