Hallstar Technical Presentation: Polymeric Esters as Phthalate Replacements in Vinyl Foams

Hallstar is sharing a technical presentation about replacing phthalates with polymeric esters in vinyl foams. Phthalates are added to polymeric foams as plasticizers, but epidemiological studies have shown an association between phthalate exposure and adverse effects on human health. Applications for vinyl foams include consumer products where there is contact with the skin.

Hallstar’s technical presentation shares the results of a study that evaluated a polymeric ester plasticizer in a standard low-density vinyl foam formulation. Researchers correlated the performance of the foam to the level of this polyester plasticizer. The study also analyzed key properties such as fluid extractions resistance, low temperature flexibility, and compression set.

As Hallstar’s technical presentation explains, high-quality vinyl foam can be produced using this polymeric ester plasticizer as either a partial or full replacement for DIDP, a monomeric phthalate plasticizer. Technical data is provided throughout the presentation, and the study’s conclusions consider the effects of increasing the concentration of the polymeric ester plasticizer.

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