RDAbbott’s Jerry McCall and Tom Martin Honored for Rubber Division, ACS and TLARGI Service

RDAbbott is announcing that two of its employees, Jerry McCall and Tom Martin, have earned industry honors. Jerry McCall was recognized for his service as 2018 Chair of the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Rubber Division. Tom Martin received an Honorary Lifetime Membership Award from The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI). As a rubber industry leader, RDAbbott is committed to supporting the Rubber Division, ACS and its local rubber groups, which include TLARGI.

Jerry McCall’s term as Rubber Division, ACS Chair included numerous achievements. McCall, who is Vice President of RDAbbott’s Integrated Solutions Business Unit, made the theme of his term “Investing in the Future.” He led the Division during its move to a new headquarters in Akron, Ohio, and restructured the organization’s roles and responsibilities to better match its evolving programs and services. McCall also worked with partners, including RDAbbott, to develop a video (www.notjusttires.org) that shows the importance of rubber in everyday life and is designed to encourage young people to join the rubber industry.

Under McCall’s leadership, the Rubber Division, ACS also invested in the future by launching a new “First Timers Program” at the 2018 International Elastomers Conference (IEC). Over 600 first-time attendees were recognized for their IEC participation. The Division also developed a new sponsorship opportunity to recognize student accomplishments and met with the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) to discuss a potential partnership for high school education programs. Both new and long-time Rubber Division, ACS members were invited to participate in a new series of monthly educational webinars as well.

During 2018, overall membership in the Rubber Division, ACS grew by 11% and corporate membership increased by 10%. The Division also secured trademark protection, renamed its newsletter, leveraged Amazon’s strength as a distribution channel for their technical publications, and secured a new location for the 2020 IEC event.

Tom Martin, Business Development Manager at RDAbbott and the company’s former Vice President of Operations, was also recognized for his many contributions to the rubber industry. Martin, who has served TLARGI in various capacities for over 30 years, received an Honorary Lifetime Membership Award from TLARGI. Martin was first nominated by his peers and then his nomination was reviewed by TLARGI’s Board for consideration.

“This is the highest honor our association places upon any volunteer,” said Amy Congo, current TLARGI News and Website Committee Chairman and Marketing Manager for RDAbbott. “Only TLARGI members with exceptionally outstanding and unselfish service to the Group or industry are considered for this honor. In other words, Honorary Lifetime Membership Awards are reserved for those who have made contributions over and above what’s been asked of or assigned to them. We are very pleased that our very own Tom Martin has been added to this distinguished group of people.”

RDAbbott supports the Rubber Division, ACS at the national level and is also involved with all its local rubber groups. Through technical meetings, networking opportunities, industry recognition, scholarship opportunities, and professional outreach, RDAbbott is demonstrating its commitment to the rubber industry.

About the Rubber Division, ACS and The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI)
The Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society is an international association of chemists, engineers, technicians, scientists, plant managers, sales and marketing professionals and others in the rubber, polymer or related fields within industry, academia and government. We enhance science, technology and business across the evolving elastomeric community through working to expand the elastomeric profession and individual development through educational, technical and interactive activities. Rubber Division, ACS is over 100 years old and includes local rubber groups such as TLARGI.