Dow SILASTIC™ LTC 9400 Series LSRs

Dow recently launched a new series of low-temperature curing (LTC) elastomers that enable increased design freedom and process efficiency for automotive components and consumer goods: SILASTIC™ LTC 9400 Series Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSRs).

Especially suitable for high-volume injection molding applications, SILASTIC™ LTC 9400 LSRs provide fast temperature activation across a wide processing-temperature range. These two-part, easy-to-use LSR materials are supplied as Part A and Part B that are mixed in a 1:1 ratio before molding.

Some key benefits of using these innovative materials include:

  • Fast cure rates at low temperatures across a broad process window.
  • Overmolding of low-melting-point plastics and thermally sensitive components
  • Fast, deep-section curing at elevated temperatures
  • Optimized process cycle times with cure-rate acceleration additive

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