“Dielectric Coating for EV Battery Packs” Webinar by Parker Lord (November 29)

Parker Lord Sipiol® UV is a coating that cures with UV light in seconds and was developed for electric vehicle battery applications. This coating is electrically insulative and can eliminate the need for PET tapes.

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 9:00 AM (EST) Parker Lord is hosting a webinar to share the benefits of dielectric coatings for EV battery packs.

Attend this session, led by Parker Lord Senior Scientist Alaina Hull, for an overview of Sipiol® UV product properties, applications, and performance data.

  • Sipiol® UV offers improved edge coverage and dielectric protection where existing solutions may fail.
  • Learn how this coating can improve bonding strength to other components in the battery pack.
  • Sipiol® UV can increase throughput and offers quick handling strength due to the rapid cure.
  • This coating is 100% VOC free and environmentally friendly.
For more information about rubber-to-substrate adhesives and coatings from Parker Lord, visit this web page and contact us!