TLARGI Web Technical Conference (April 6)

The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI) is gearing up to host its first web technical conference on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, from 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM (PT).

Rick Ziebell, RDAbbott’s Vice President of Technology and Technical Fellow, has agreed to facilitate the “technical” aspects of the webinar platform on behalf of TLARGI.

In addition, several of RDAbbott’s supplier partners will be presenting at this virtual conference, including:

  • John Dick, Senior Applications Scientist at Alpha Technologies, will be presenting from 12:05 – 12:35 PM on “Comparative Advantages of Different RPA ASTM Methods for Detecting Rubber Compounding Quality Differences.”
  • Ed Norton, Technical Marketing Representative at Cancarb Limited will be presenting from 1:25 – 1:55 PM on “The Benefits of Thermax® in Rubber Compounding”
  • Pete Spanos, Technical Manager at ARLANXEO, will be presenting from 1:55 – 2:25 PM on “Challenges in extrusions, including hose and profiles, are met with branched, high molecular weight Keltan® 13561C EPDM.”

For more information about Alpha Technologies’ rubber testing equipment, Cancarb’s thermal carbon black, and ARLANXEO’s high performance synthetic polymers, visit these web pages and contact us! We’ll be happy to answer your questions and steer in the right direction.