ARLANXEO is a world-leading synthetic rubber company that was established April 1, 2016, as a joint venture of LANXESS and Saudi Aramco. The company’s core business is developing, manufacturing and marketing synthetic high-performance rubber for use in the automotive and tire industries, the construction industry, and the oil and gas industries. The business operations of ARLANXEO are assigned to the High Performance Elastomers and Tire & Specialty Rubbers business units.

High Performance Elastomers (HPE)
The HPE business unit offers its customers a broad portfolio of technical rubbers. As one of the leading suppliers of synthetic rubbers to the rubber-processing industry, HPE markets materials which have a wide range of industrial applications. For example, they are used as modifiers for plastic and adhesive raw materials, in gas and oil exploration and production, and in functional components for the automotive and cable industries. Brand names sold in this business unit are EPDM (Keltan®), NBR (Krynac®, Perbunan® and Baymod®), HNBR (Therban®), CR (Baypren®), and EVM (Levapren® and Levamelt®).

Tire & Specialty Rubbers (TSR)
The TSR business unit offers a broad portfolio of versatile rubbers primarily for applications in tire production. They are used in, for example, the inliners (airtight layers) of tires as well as for the tread, side walls and other tire components. Other applications include chewing gum, sports and golf balls, hoses and conveyor belts. Brand names sold in this business unit include X_Butyl®, Buna™ CB and Buna™ VSL.

To locate a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for ARLANXEO, visit https://www.arlanxeo.com/en/documentfinder. If you are unable to find the SDS you’re looking for, please contact us.

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