Rubber Testing Live Webinar Series from Alpha Technologies

Alpha Technologies is hosting a three-day live webinar series on the topic of rubber testing and presented by industry veteran John Dick. Below is a summary of each webinar course to be covered:

August 26: Basic Rubber Testing

This course will discuss the history of rubber testing and the various instruments and techniques used to control and formulate rubber products. Topics will include how to test fundamental rubber properties, such as cure rate and durometer, and what these means.

August 27: Advanced Rubber Testing

The advanced course will build upon the basic rubber testing principles and explore topics such as how to model and calculate viscoelastic properties. Factory terms such as bloom and scorch will be defined and solutions to common processing problems will be taught through the lens of testing.

August 28: RPA and RPA+ Training

This 12-section course will focus exclusively on testing with the RPA & RPA+. The course will introduce basic, advanced, and ASTM test methods and how to use these results in the real world.

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