Food Bank Video Shows Cancarb Cares

Cancarb Limited has released a new video that demonstrates its commitment to its local community of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cancarb employees and retirees volunteered to distribute food to local families in need. Although the Medicine Hat & District Food Bank remained staffed, the organization desperately needed volunteers to make 60 deliveries a week.

As this seven-minute video explains, Cancarb learned of the Food Bank’s need for assistance when Ross Buchholz, Vice President for Quality and Development, read a Facebook post. Buchholz then asked Peter Donnelly, Cancarb’s President, if the company could meet this community need. Donnelly readily agreed and the management team recruited 15 volunteers, many of whom were working from home.

Throughout the video, the Cancarb employees who participated describe the volunteer experience as deeply moving. A narrator explains how the pandemic disrupted the Food Bank’s pre-pandemic model in which people selected their own food, and how COVID-related interruptions in public transportation left some without a way to make curbside pickups at the Food Bank.

Thanks to the company’s commitment to its local community, employees and retirees alike were able to demonstrate that #CancarbCares is far more than a social media hashtag.