Chemlok CB203 and CB102CS: Cold-Bond Adhesives for Belt and Conveyor Repairs

Parker-LORD Corporation recently launched a new series of cold-bond adhesives for belt and conveyor repairs: Chemlok® CB203 Belt Repair Adhesive and Chemlok® CB102CS Adhesion Enhancer/Surface Modifier.

Save money and work safer with these new VOC-free Chemlok® cold-bond adhesives to bond vulcanized rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-rubber at room temperature.

Chemlok® CB203 is a two-component, cold-bonding adhesive system designed for bonding textile-reinforced rubbers and primed metals used in belting, lagging, and rubber repair operations. The adhesive cures at ambient temperatures without a vulcanization press, rapidly restoring belt splices and edges back to operation.*

Some key features and benefits of Chemlok® CB203 include:

  • Room temperature curing
  • Environmentally compliant (e.g., contains no carcinogenic solvents or VOCs)
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally resistant (e.g., resists sunlight, weathering, humidity and salt spray)
  • Solvent resistant, when cured

Chemlok® CB102CS is a VOC-exempt, HAPs-compliant, solvent-based surface treatment for use on various vulcanized and thermoplastic polymeric materials. It chemically alters the surface of the rubber, making it more receptive to bonding. Chemlok CB102CS is used in conjunction with a broad range of LORD adhesives, including epoxy and urethane adhesives, for bonding cured rubber.

Some key features and benefits of Chemlok® CB102CS Polarity Modifier include:

  • Versatile (e.g., functions as a cleaner and surface conditioner, and treats a wide variety of elastomer functional materials)
  • Environmentally preferred (i.e., HAPS-compliant and VOC-exempt)
  • Applies easily by wipe, brush, dip or flood methods
  • Requires no mixing
  • Improved adhesion to cast urethanes and cured rubber
  • Fast drying within five minutes or less

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*Belt configurations, along with elastomers and reinforcing agents used, can vary greatly. LORD recommends testing Chemlok CB203 adhesive with your belt configuration to determine fitness for use.