Flying Disc Partners (Live MD&M West 2020)

RDAbbott is proud to announce its partnership with M.R. Mold & Engineering in Booth 1346 at MD&M West in Anaheim, California, February 11 – 13, 2020. Together, with our collaborative partners, we’re featuring a custom-designed flying disc over-molded with 50-durometer Dow SILASTIC™ Low Temperature Cure (LTC) 9400 Series Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR).

The production cell will feature ARBURG’s all-electric 370 A 600-100 Allrounder Injection Molding Machine (IMM) retrofitted for LSR processing. The IMM will also use a fully integrated MULTILIFT SELECT robot with 6 kg. payload capacity and end-of-arm tool for tending the automated feeding system, mold, and finished part set-down to the integrated conveyor.

ELMET’s Top 5000 P Metering & Mixing system will dispense the SILASTIC™ LTC 9400 LSR material into a single-cavity mold from M.R. Mold & Engineering, utilizing their Universal Base with a single-drop hot runner system.

Aquatech’s Ecosmart LT portable chiller with variable speed compressor and fan will maintain temperature control and optimize the cell’s efficiency.

Other featured contributions to this cell include NovaSperse® color dispersion from NovationSi for LSR and Moldex3D mold flow simulation and analysis services from Kruse Analysis.

This cell will demonstrate how the low-temperature curing nature of Dow’s SILASTIC™ LTC 9400 LSR Series allows over-molding onto low-melting point plastics or other thermally sensitive components, including electronics devices—an application previously not possible with LSRs. To purchase this material, or for more information, contact RDAbbott.​

Come by and see us if you’re in the area!