“The Function & Selection of Ester Plasticizers” Webinar by Rubber Division, ACS (March 2)

On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, at 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (ET) Rubber Division, ACS is hosting a live webinar titled “The Function & Selection of Ester Plasticizers.”

In this webinar, Hallstar Senior Chemist Erica Anderson, will explain the science behind monomeric and polymeric plasticizers, as well as how they function in different elastomers. The webinar will explore the structure-property relationships between a wide range of plasticizer chemistries and cover Hallstar’s selection for desired performance enhancements and elastomer applications. Moreover, it will provide specific case studies showing the advantage plasticizers bring to different polymer formulations.

In addition, this webinar will provide expert education on ester plasticizer and polymer modifying chemistry, as well as outline key criteria in selecting the right plasticizer or modifier for your application. It will be highly informative for new rubber compounders expanding their knowledge of compounding tools, veteran compounders venturing into new markets and applications, and non-technical purchasing or salespeople hoping to better understand their company’s products and chemistries.

Key Takeaways
  • Functions of plasticizers in elastomer compounds
  • Key factors in plasticizer selection to enhance product performance
  • Gaining a better understanding of the wide range of available plasticizers and their respective benefits
Costs & Registration
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