RDAbbott to Showcase Advances in Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) with Heat-Cured Silicone Components at RAPID + TCT 2019

RDAbbott will demonstrate a revolutionary L280 LAM 3D printer in The Dow Chemical Company booth #1673 at RAPID + TCT 2019 in Detroit, Michigan, from May 20 to 23. Attendees seeking greater design possibilities, finer controls, and significantly faster times-to-market are invited to learn more.

The LAM 3D printer that RDAbbott will showcase was developed in collaboration with its supplier partners German RepRap GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of 3D printers, and Dow Performance Silicones, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company. German RepRap’s first production-ready L280 LAM 3D printer uses Dow SILASTIC™ 3D 3335 liquid silicone rubber (LSR), a material with physical and dynamic properties that have been proven to match those of molded LSR. This supports an easy transition to injection molding processes for high-volume manufacturing.

German RepRap’s patent-pending 3D printer prints successive layers of LSR in a process comparable to the fused filament fabrication (FFF) method. Each layer of silicone is then fully cross-linked through thermal cure. German RepRap’s LAM platform, combined with Dow’s 3D-printable SILASTIC™ 3D 3335, is capable of printing functional prototype parts for high-volume manufacturing. This innovative LAM 3D printer is also ideal for highly customized parts for small manufacturing trials. Examples include complex geometric shapes with overhangs, to larger, less-detailed parts.

For more information about RDAbbott’s participation at RAPID + TCT 2019, visit https://rdabbott.com/news/rapid-tct-2019/.

About German RepRap GmbH
German RepRap GmbH, headquartered in Feldkirchen near Munich and originally founded as German RepRap Foundation (GRRF) in 2010, is a German manufacturer of industrial 3D printers “Made in Germany.” The company develops and produces 3D printers based on RepRap technology (fused filament fabrication) and markets them in combination with software, filaments, and accessories – directly as well as through a worldwide network of qualified distributors. German RepRap was the first company in Germany to introduce a RepRap-based large-capacity 3D printer for professional applications, the X400. The product line keeps expanding and includes 3D printers for professional use in product development, prototyping, model and mold construction, architecture, and design with a maximum print area of 1000 x 800 x 600 mm (39.4” x 31.5” x 23.6”). Customers around the world include large industrial companies in many sectors, such as automotive, aeronautics, medical devices, machinery and plant engineering and many more, as well as designers, architects, artists, universities and colleges. Visit www.germanreprap.com to learn more.

About Dow Performance Silicones
Dow Performance Silicones delivers a portfolio of performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of customers and industries around the world. The business uses innovative silicon-based technology to provide solutions and ingredients to customers in commercial construction and high-performance building, consumer goods, silicone elastomers, and pressure sensitive industries. As a global leader in innovation and silicone technology, we are committed to bringing new and proven solutions to the market that do more for our customers and continue to improve the lives of consumers worldwide. Visit consumer.dow.com to learn more.

The RAPID + TCT conference is known worldwide as North America’s most influential and respected additive manufacturing conference. At the 2019 conference, over 150 experts will speak on additive manufacturing applications, materials, design considerations, research, final part production, post processing, and much more. To learn more, visit www.rapid3devent.com.