UWM Silicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication Course (February 11 – 14)

RDAbbott is looking forward to participating in the UWM School of Continuing Education’s 2019 Silicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication Course February 12 – 15 at the Embassy Suites in Anaheim, CA.

We have also been given the opportunity to showcase the latest addition to our technical services portfolio, a production-ready L280 Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) 3D printer from German RepRap using Dow’s SILASTIC™ 3D 3335 Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), during their tour of M.R. Mold & Engineering’s facilities in Brea on Wednesday, February 13.

This revolutionary (patent pending) LAM 3D technology was developed in collaboration with German RepRap GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of 3D printers, and Dow Performance Silicones. The LAM printer prints successive layers of LSR in a method comparable to the fused filament fabrication (FFF) process, then each layer of silicone is fully cross-linked through thermal cure.

German RepRap’s LAM platform, combined with Dow’s 3D Printable SILASTIC™ 3D 3335, is capable of printing functional prototype parts for high-volume manufacturing and is ideal for highly customized parts for small manufacturing trials. Further, the material’s physical and dynamic properties have been proven to be equivalent to an LSR injection molded part.