“SILASTIC™ Fully Fluorinated Liquid Silicone Rubber: Properties, Processing, and Applications” Webinar by RDAbbott (June 16)

Join us on Thursday, June 16, 2022, from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (ET) for a free webinar about “SILASTIC™ Fully Fluorinated Liquid Silicone Rubber: Properties, Processing, and Applications.” In this webinar, Dr. Noel Chang, a Technical Service and Development Scientist with Dow, and Rob Alexander, a Dow Marketing Manager, will provide an overview of the unique properties, ease of processing, and key applications of Dow SILASTIC™ Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubber (F-LSR) products.

This live event is part of RDAbbott’s 2022 Webinar Series, which provides technical insights and processing recommendations from our supplier partners.

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Why You Should Attend

Fluorosilicones (FVMQs) are highly suitable for applications requiring wide operating temperatures and fluid resistance. Their unique physical properties make them a material of choice in applications requiring contact with aggressive elements such as oils and fuels, coolants, and corrosive blowby gases. As the landscape for mobility materials becomes more competitive, Dow’s fluorosilicone technologies have evolved to offer greater flexibility for meeting rigorous chemical resistance requirements.

Dimethyl based liquid silicone rubber (LSR) was initially developed to allow manufacturers to produce rubber parts more efficiently by providing fast cycle times, material waste reduction, flashless molding, and automated processing.

To take advantage of the strengths of both LSR and fluorosilicone technologies, Dow has a range of fully fluorinated LSRs that can provide desirable process efficiencies of LSR to be integrated with the fluid resistance performance capabilities of a fluorosilicone.

The benefits include:

  • Wide operating temperature (-70C to 200C); excellent low temperature performance compared to dimethyl LSR and FKM
  • Available in 30, 40, and 60 Shore A with mechanical properties comparable to standard LSRs
  • Low compression set
  • Excellent resistance to non-polar hydrocarbon fuels, oils, and solvents; comparable to standard high consistency FSR grades
  • Compatible with standard injection molding equipment
  • Fast cycle times and less material waste

Examples of applications include:

  • Fuel line safety seals
  • Oil system seals
  • Fuel cell gasketing
  • Turbocharger hoses
  • Intercooler hoses
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About the Presenters

Dr. Noel Chang is a Technical Service and Development Scientist at Dow based in Midland, Michigan. In her role, she supports the development of silicone elastomers to meet emerging material needs in the automotive and consumer markets. Dr. Chang is an inorganic chemist by training with over ten years of experience in synthetic design and formulation of silicon-containing systems. She earned a B.S. in chemistry from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Rob Alexander is a Marketing Manager for Dow Consumer Solutions specializing in markets for silicone elastomers. His role focuses on understanding key market trends and working with customers along the value chain to collaborate, innovate, and launch new products for their specific needs. Rob works closely with the Dow Sales, Supply Chain, R&D, and TS&D teams to ensure alignment across the functions so Dow’s customers receive the best service. Rob earned a B.A. in Finance & Data Analytics from the University of Cincinnati.

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